Bratislava Airport Departures Procedures

When you are flying from Bratislava Airport, there are certain procedures in place that you will need to comply with before you are allowed to board the aircraft for your flight.

As with any other International airport, passengers wishing to fly from Bratislava Airport, will be required to Check-In for their flight and hold a valid Boarding Pass before being eligible to pass through Security into the main Departures area ‘Airside’.

Check-In At Bratislava Airport

It is recommended that you should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure time. This allows you plenty of time to check-In for your flight and clear Security. Bratislava Airport can be a busy airport, especially at peak times throughout the year when there are several flights departing around the same time. If you arrive late at the airport, you run the risk of not having enough time to clear Security and if this happens, you will risk not being allowed to board your flight.

Passengers have a couple of options regarding Check-In and can either Check-In at the airport using the Check-In facilities which are available in the Departures area or they can Check-In Online before leaving for the airport (if applicable with the airline).

If you are wanting to Check-In for your flight at the airport, you will need to make your way to the Check-In area once you arrive at the airport. Every flight departure from Bratislava Airport is allocated a certain number of Check-In desks and you will need to find out which desks are Checking-In your flight. The easiest way to do this is by looking at one of the overhead monitors which are located in the Departures area. The overhead monitors all display the latest departures from the airport and also which desks are Checking-In each flight. If they are not displaying your flight, it may be that the desks are not open yet but if you are still unsure, simply ask a member of staff at the airport and they will assist you with your enquiry. Once you have found out which desks have been allocated for your flight, simply make your way to the appropriate desks and join the queue.

At the Check-In desk you will need to present your passport and any other documentation that is required for your travel. If you are Checking-In any Hold luggage, you will need to place the luggae on the weighing scale alongside the desk. Each airline has its own policies on weight allowance and you should ensure you are familiar with those policies and that you do not exceed your weight allowance. If you do exceed your luggage weight allowance, you may be charge for the excess.

When you have successfully Checked-In for your flight, the member of staff at the Check-In desk will issue you with your Boarding Pass. You will be required to show your Boarding Pass at Security and also at the boarding Gate.

Once you have your Boarding Pass, you can make your way to the Security are.

Online Check-In

Many airlines now allow passengers to Check-In Online and if you choose to Check-in Online, you will need to ensure that you print off your Boarding Pass before you leave for the airport and take it with you. If you do not have a Boarding Pass when you arrive at the airport, you will need to ask the airline to re-issue with one and they will charge you for this and it can be as much as £100.

If you have Checked-In Online and have Checked-In additional baggage for your trip as Hold luggage, you will need to make your way to the Check-In desks and drop your luggage off so that it can be placed in the Hold. If you are only travelling with hand luggage, you do not need to visit the Check-In desk and can make your way to the Security area.

Security At Bratislava Airport Departures

All passengers flying from Bratislava Airport will be required to clear Security before entering the main Departures Lounges. Passengers will need to pass through the upright body scanners and will also need to place any hand luggage or loose metal items such as keys, coins or jewellery into the trays provided. Any liquids you may be carrying should be placed inside a transparent bag and placed in the trays. The trays will then be sent through the Xray machine and you will be able to reclaim your belonging when you yourself have walked through the scanner.

Having successfully cleared Security, you will then be free to enter the main Departures Lounge where you can relax and wait for your flight to Board.

There are several shops inside the main Departures Lounge at Bratislava Airport which sell a wide range of Duty Free goods. Passengers can pass a little time browsing around the shops and doing a little bit of last minute shopping before catching their flight.

There are also several cafes and bars selling a selection of food and drink and these are places where you can grab a quick bite to eat before your departure.

Boarding Gates

All the flight departures at Bratislava Airport are allocated Boarding Gates and you will need to key your eye on the overhead monitors to see which Boarding Gate has been allocated for your flight. When your flight is ready for boarding, it will be displayed on the monitors and you can then make your way to the Boarding Gate. At the Boarding Gate you will be required to present your passport and your Boarding Pass.

Keep Up To Date With All The Latest Bratislava Airport Departures

Unfortunately delays do occur and if you are flying from the airport or are dropping someone off, it is a good idea to check the Departures information. The widget below provide you with all the latest information on departures from Bratislava Airport and it allows you to track them by carrier, departure time, destination and flight number.

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